Parkcroft, Gargrave and Greenways, Over Kellet are our latest developments. The Parkcroft Gargrave properties were completed and handed over March 2021 and Greenways Over Kellet properties were completed and handed over September 2022.

As we are able we plan to add more homes to the association. Finding the right location and agreeing a good deal is important to protect all our tenants' security both now and in the future.

We work closely with the parish councils in those villages where we have properties and we want to work in partnership with other parish councils where there is an identified need for new affordable housing. In some cases, this includes supporting the parish council by carrying out their local housing need surveys.

Where we develop we have both built our own properties, using local contractors, and purchased 'turn-key' properties from other developers where they are obliged to provide affordable homes.

How can I apply for a home from Lune Valley Rural Housing Association?

We are always interested to hear from individuals or families wanting to find a home with us and this page should be helpful. At Lune Valley we have a policy of allocating homes to those with a local connection to the same or a neighbouring parish. If this is where you presently live, work or came from you will qualify for consideration with others who meet the criteria. If we cannot find anyone in this category in a reasonable time, we will expand qualification to those in housing need but from a wider area.

The best way to make us aware of your interest is to register with the choice-based letting service that covers the area where you would like to live. When we have a home available to rent we will advertise it on the appropriate "Choice" service.

Each area has its own choice-based letting register so you must apply for them separately to be included. For example, if you live near the boundary between Wyre and Lancaster councils both the first and second links below may apply to you.

Lancaster area;

Wyre District;

Craven or North Yorkshire;

When we, or other providers, have homes available we will contact the people who have registered in the relevant area and let them know that they can apply.

Good luck and please pass this on.

If you are a housing developer with interest in the area, we are interested to hear about your scheme, please get in touch.

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Below are some pictures of 7 new homes handed over earlier this year at Parkcroft, Gargrave the development comprises of 1 x 1 bed, 4 x 2 bed and 2 x 3 bed houses.

New Home 1